About Us

Chicago Plumber is a premiere plumbing service provider serving the Chicagoland area. We have an expert crew of plumbers who have extensive experience in dealing with various different kinds of residential and commercial plumbing solutions. From simple residential plumbing installations and maintenances to commercial grade water management, heating, cooling, liquid waste management and treatment installation and maintenance — we have plumbers with the required knowledge and understanding to handle it all. If you need professional plumbing services, you have come to the right place.

Our plumbers are chosen through a strict recruitment process that requires them to be highly skilled, as well as have adequate on field experience. Once the applicants have been shortlisted, their details are put through a screening process to make sure they are trustworthy. We go through all of this to ensure your peace of mind when you hire our plumbing services. We tirelessly serve you round the clock so that you can schedule your appointment during nights, weekends and even holidays. We understand your need to have flexible timing and we provide you with exactly that.

We are a fully insured, licensed and registered company who follow all environmental laws and labour regulations involved and related to plumbing. We have provide regular training to our plumbers and send them for workshops held by brand name companies. Put together, we work hard to remain one of the best plumbing outfits in the area. Need to know more? Call us now and get a free estimate for our services.